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Asia Week New York Autumn 2022—Gallery Exhibition Guide

This September, Asia Week New York will include online and in-person exhibitions from twenty-one international Asian art galleries. Thirteen of the galleries are simultaneously opening their doors to the public in New York.

Organized by category, here is a round-up of the gallery exhibitions that will be on view.  For more information, please click on the link associated with each gallery's name:

Ancient and/or Contemporary Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asia

A schist figure of Buddha Shakyamuni, Gandhara, 2nd/3rd Century (Kushan Period), gray schist,
H. 38 1/4 in. (97.2 cm)

Kapoor Galleries Inc.
34 East 67th Street

Lukkus-Pintoan Headhunter Costume, Atayal People, Taiwan, 19th/early 20th century, ramie, raveled trade wool, shell disk beads, 19 x 38 in. (48 x 96.5 cm)
Thomas Murray
The Art of Shell Beads
Online only, September 14-23

Somnath Hore, Wounds (Trial Proof B4), 1978, etching, 8 x 9.25 in. (20.3 cm x 23.4 cm)
Akar Prakar
100 Years of Somnath Hore
On view live at Akar Prakar Kolkata and online in New York
August 27-October 15

Ancient and/or Contemporary Chinese Art 

Fine Chinese Bamboo Carving of the Hehe Erxian Happiness Twins Riding upon a Three-Legged Toad, 18th/early-19th century, H. 12 ¼ in. (31.5 cm.)
Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc.
16 East 52nd Street, 10th floor
September 14-23
Daily 10am-6pm

Bingyi, Mountain Spirit, 2022, ink on xuan paper, 178 x 96 cm
Bingyi: Taihang Mountains
Online only, September 14-23

A Large Sancai-decorated Cizhou Pillow, Jin dynasty (late 12th-13th century), L: 48.5 cm. (19 1/8 in.)
Kaikodo LLC
Into the Woods
Online only, September 14-23

Ancient and/or Contemporary Japanese Art

Utagawa Hiroshige, Ryogoku Hanabi-Fireworks at Ryogoku, 100 Views of Edo, 1858,
1st state Deluxe edition

The Art of Japan
Online only, September 14-23
To view The Art of Japan's first selection of newly acquired artworks from Japan, click here

Minegishi Seiko (born 1952), Large Jar with Crackled Celadon Glaze, stoneware with beige colored celadon glaze, H. 19 in. (48. 2 cm), with signed wood box
Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd
18 East 64th Street
Tsubo: The Art of Vessels
September 1–October 2
By appointment

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), Jade Rabbit–Sun Wukong, Series: One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, 1889
Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints
Highlights from Yoshitoshi’s 100 Aspects of the Moon
Online only, September 14-23

Hisao Hanafusa, Fifth Dimension Byōbu II, 2021, six-panel folding screen,
silver aluminum paint, silver leaves on paper, 26.5 x 57.5 in. per panel

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
65 East 80th Street
Hisao Hanafusa: Borrowing Nature’s Powers
September 14-November 5
Opening reception: Friday, September 16th, 6-8pm

Jihei Murase III, Negoro Flower Vase, 2022, lacquer
Ippodo Gallery
32 East 67th Street
Innovation in Form: Lacquerware by Jihei Murase
September 8-October 12
Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday 11am-5:30pm

Utagawa Kunimasa (1773–1810), Ichikawa Danjūrō VI as Kanshaku no Jū, 1796, color woodblock print: ōban tate-e, 14¼ x 10⅛ in. (36.2 x 25.7 cm); 1/1796
Sebastian Izzard Asian Art LLC
17 East 76th Street, 3rd Floor
Japanese Prints and Paintings from the Late Eighteenth Century
By appointment

Ogawa Machiko (born 1946), Akai utsuwa (“Red Vessel”), 2021, unglazed porcelain and stoneware with iron-oxide glaze, 16 x 13 3/4 in. (40.6 x 34.9 cm.)
Joan B Mirviss LTD 
39 East 78th Street, 4th floor
RED EARTH: New Work by Ogawa Machiko
September 14-October 28
Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm
RED EARTH | ZOOM Gallery Talk about Ogawa Machiko
September 15 at 5pm EDT

Oshiyama Motoko (born 1957), Kakuhanmon Vase “Yunagi” (Evening Calm), 2021, silver, brass, shakudo and copper, H. 9 7/8 (25 cm)
Onishi Gallery
521 West 26th Street
Heated Colors, Hammered Forms: Female Metal Artists of Japan
September 14–17: 10am–5pm;
September 18–October 4: by appointment in-person or Zoom
Special preview, September 14 at 6-8pm in collaboration with A Collection of High-End Italian Clothing by Giusto Senza Regole
696 Madison Ave, 2nd Floor

Keisai Eisen (1790-1848), A Pocket Mirror of Beauties- Six Immortal Poets of the Era: Ariwara no Narihira, ca. 1826-28, woodblock print, 14 7/8 x 10 in. (37.8 x 25.4 cm)
Scholten Japanese Art
145 West 58th Street, Suite 6D
FASHION FORWARD: Edo Beauties of the Floating World
September 15-October 15
September 16–23, the gallery will be open,
with appointments appreciated, 11am–5pm;
otherwise by appointment through October 15

Nakatomi Hajime, Auspicious 8, 2020, madake bamboo, rattan, 13.5 x 18 x 5 in.
TAI Modern
Online only, September 14-23

Nobuyuki Tanaka (born 1959), Imaginary Skin, 2015,dry lacquer, H. 39¼ in. (99.6 cm)
Thomsen Gallery
9 East 63rd Street 2nd floor
Nobuyuki Tanaka
September 14–23
Monday-Friday, 11am-5pm
Reception September 20, 5-8pm

The Lion and The Guardian Dog, Kamakura period (13th century), a pair of wooden figures, Right: H. 15.3 in. (39 cm) and Left: H. 16.1 in. (41 cm)
Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art
La Peluche
Online only, September 14-23

Manika Nagare, Your Ears, 2022, oil on canvas, 28 5/8″x 28 5/8″in. (75.2 x 75.2 cm.), © Manika Nagare
24 East 64th Street
SYNESTHESIA: Hitoshi Fugo (photograpy) and Manika Nagare (painting)
Online exhibition, September 14-23

Nabeshima Plate with Baskets and Flowers, 1690-1740's, Hizen Ware, Dia. 20.5cm
Zetterquist Galleries
3 East 66th Street, #2B
Japanese and Korean Ceramics
Opens September 15
By appointment

Ancient and Contemporary Korean Art

Sooyeon Hong (born 1967), Tonal Dialogue #10, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 20.9 x 17.9 in. (53 x 45.5cm.)
HK Art & Antiques LLC
49 East 78th Street
Cho Yong-Ik: Jumhwa and Wave Paintings
September 20–October 11
By appointment