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Ippodo Gallery

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32 East 67th Street
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Skin and Body: Crazed Vessels by Kodai Ujiie

September 14–October 4, 2023
Opening Reception with the Artist on September 14, 2023, RSVP required
Asia Week Hours: Monday-Saturday (11am-6pm)

Ippodo Gallery presents Skin and Body: Crazed Vessels by Kodai Ujiie, the avant-garde artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States. On display are 46 of Ujiie's newest ceramics, including large jars, vases, and small vessels made from porcelain, celadon and other traditional glazes, and lacquer. Each artwork relishes in the delight of living, converting clay into an analogy skin, blood vessels, and scales with a renewed sense of body image.

Erupting in bold forms and colors, Kodai Ujiie draws inspiration from the anatomy of amphibians and other creatures, yet he adheres to the conventions of legendary Japanese pottery. Among the greatest of his classical influences is the Japanese National Treasure, O-Ido Tea Bowl “Kizaemon,” derived from the Korean rice bowl in the sixteenth century. Elegant yet totally plain, a simple question propels Ujiie: what is the allure, which has captured hearts in Japan and worldwide, of such a modest work of art?

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