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Ippodo Gallery

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On the Axis

Works by Koto Arinaga and Kiyoko Morioka
July 21-August 25, 2022

Artist Talk with Kota Arinaga and Kiyoko Morioka
Wednesday, August 17, 5-6pm EDT

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Ippodo Gallery presents On the Axis, the gallery's first-ever dual exhibition featuring 15 pieces by glass artist Kota Arinaga and 25 by porcelain ceramist Kiyoko Morioka. At first glance, the duality between Arinaga and Morioka is pronounced. Arinaga is a male artist, Morioka female. Arinaga works with the immediacy of glass, while Morioka the patience of kiln firing. And yet, both artists are fascinated by the arcs and axes of time, exploring its dichotomies and the dualities in their work. In the stillness of the exhibition, their explorations complement and challenge one another, so that the viewer can reflect on time’s passages and surprises as it warps or rushes, freezes or evolves. Both glass and clay materials are embedded with the passage of time, requiring expert craftsmanship and patience over an extended period to produce a precious work of art.

Kota Arinaga began working with glass to create delicate patterns with lines. The threads of color seemingly stretch weave across the surface, layering like yards of yarn. As they thicken along the glass, the concept transcends the technique: Despite the rapid process of glassblowing, the permanence of form captures and contains the multitudes which have survived the testament of time.

In contrast, growing up in Kanazawa City, Kioyoko Morioka watched the gray urban sky day after day, as the ombre shades laid over her like a blanket. She grew up and changed, but the sky proved constant. Now her works evoke the same feelings of comfort, safety, and warmth provided under the clouds.

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Tea-leaf Storage Jar and Tea Filling Ceremony 2022
Saturday, July 30, 11:30am-2pm
In conjunction with the previous tea lecture, Ippodo Gallery continues their collaboration with tea master Yoshitsugu Nagano. During this upcoming event, tea masters Yoshiki Mizoguchi and Mr. Nagano will teach you how to fill the tea urn with sencha, and get hands-on experience! Later, Mr. Nagano will do the tea ceremony and serve you tea with fresh unmatured tea.

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