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INK studio

Beijing Location

Red No. 1-B1
Caochangdi, Chaoyang District
Beijing, China 100015

+86 10 6435 3291

In New York: Enquiries
Mee-Seen Loong

Facebook: inkstudiobeijing
Instagram: @inkstudiobeijing
WeChat: inkstudio2013

Asia Week Exhibition 2021

Contemporary Literati Ink Art

INKstudio is an art gallery based in Beijing. Its mission is to present contemporary ink art as a distinctive contribution to contemporary transnational art-making in curated exhibition programs supported by in-depth critical analysis, scholarly exchange, bi-lingual publishing and multi-media production. Representing more than 15 artists, INKstudio for Asiaweek New York 2021 will offer contemporary figure studies of New Yorkers by Li Jin 李津 (China, b. 1958), flower-landscape painting by Peng Kanglong 彭康隆 (Taiwan, b. 1962), classical landscapes by Wang Tiande 王天德 (China, b. 1960), a new take on the Four Gentlemen genre by Cheng Yen-p'ing 程延平 (Taiwan, b. 1951), contemporary advancements in calligraphy by Wang Dongling 王冬龄 (China, b. 1945) and Wei Ligang 魏立刚 (China, b. 1964), conceptual and modernist ink art by Xu Bing 徐冰 (China, b. 1955), Zheng Chongbin 郑重宾 (China, b. 1961) and Bingyi 冰逸 (China, b. 1975), and new works by the next generation of younger artists Lao Tongli 劳同丽 (China, b. 1982), Ethan Su Huangsheng 苏煌盛 (Taiwan, b. 1987), Wai Pong-yu 韦邦雨 (Hong Kong, b. 1982) and Hung Fai 熊辉 (Hong Kong, b. 1988).