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Songtsam’s First Low-Carbon Hotel in Tibet is Officially Open

Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso on the holy Lake Basong Tso

Asia Week New York sponsor, Songtsam, an award-winning luxury boutique hotel collection and Destination Management Company, located in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China announces the official opening of their first low-carbon hotel, the Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso in Jieba Village, Tibet. This 122-room and suite Retreat is Songtsam’s 16th and largest property.

Mr. Baima Duoji, Songtsam Founder & Chairman, hopes that the location of the hotel will enable more visitors to experience the extraordinary beauty of the location and the local Tibetan culture. He also hopes that Songtsam’s goal of achieving zero-carbon implementation will serve as a model for other businesses in the area to also become more sustainable.

In 2022, Songtsam and Siemens Energy signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote green and low-carbon circular development in rural areas, resulting in Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso. Energy consumption is offset by self-generated electricity, and carbon emissions are reduced to a minimum by using the abundant solar energy in Tibet to power the hotel. Songtsam is also committed to supporting the local and economic development of the community while preserving its culture by providing at least 120 jobs for local villagers and giving 5% of the property’s operating income to the adjacent Jieba village every year.

Lake Basong Tso

Mountain view from Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso

The design and layout of the Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso was inspired by the settlement style of the Cuogao Ancient Village, which is also on the shore of Lake Basong Tso. The staggered heights of the buildings expand the viewing angle as well as make the building complex itself appear as an integral part of the surrounding landscape, echoing the long-standing life wisdom of the Gongbu Tibetans, who used the architectural space to build the connection between people and even reference the relationship between people and nature. For the interior, the chosen color schemes are extensions of the natural scenery of Lake Basong Tso itself. From the public area to the guest rooms, the use of different shades of green reflect the seasonal changes of Lake Basong Tso.
Basong Tso View

The view of Jieqing Naragabu (also known as “Burning Flame”) from Songtsam Linka Retreat Lake Basong Tso

There are many opportunities for Songtsam guests to experience the spirituality and nature of the surroundings. One can opt to go on an escorted walk to the Xincuogou hidden in the deep valley of the high gorge. Along the way, there are snow-capped mountains and glaciers, and groups of yaks wandering leisurely in the grassland covered with flowers. Hiking enthusiasts can go upstream to find Zhong Lake at the end of the river or stroll nearby the idyllic Zhala River. The mysterious and tranquil Doqin Monastery is a spiritual pilgrimage in itself and a visit to the Cuogao Ancient Village provides the visitor with an opportunity to appreciate the charm of Gongbu architecture, its wood carvings, and even participate in a plant art prints handicraft workshop.

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