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Asia Week New York March 2023: Daily Digest – Day Two

Hagino Noriko, Uchidashi Silver Water Jar 02, 2021, Silver and copper h. 6 1/4 x dia. 7 1/2 in. (16 x 19 cm), courtesy Onishi Gallery

Even more art to discover!

Asia Week New York 2023 continues with more previews:

(organized by event opening and duration)


Online Exhibitions
March 2023 Online Exhibition
The Asia Week New York 2023 Online Exhibition is live. Browse highlights from the exhibiting dealers as well as selections from upcoming auctions. Some of this year’s participants are showing online only. The web address for the Online Exhibition is:

All of the dealers mentioned below are open today.

Fung Ming Chip (冯明秋, born 1951) explores writing and numbers with 19 works in Traces of Time, on view through May 20th. Arabic, ink wash, and seals all feature in the stylized works. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Daniel Greenberg, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Minnesota.
Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
MULTIPLE MASTERS: Modern Prints & Paintings highlights artists following the intertwined shin hanga (‘new print’) and sosaku hanga (‘creative print’) movements. In dialogue is Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints from the Shin Collection, the source-code of floating world imagery, assembled by gallerist Hong Gyu Shin with prints collected while studying art conservation.
Scholten Japanese Art.
Divine Gestures: Channels of Enlightenment features rare objects of worship from Tibet, Nepal, India and a large selection of sculpture from Gandhara. Objects include this deceptive, complex Buddha Vajradhara, as well early 19th century Kangra school watercolors.
Kapoor Galleries.

Receptions, openings, ongoing exhibitions are listed here.

At 4:30pm today, this lecture explores the lived traditions of early Indian Buddhism as witnessed in the rich archaeological and artistic legacy of the Deccan, the focus of a major exhibition Tree & Serpent: Buddhist Art in Early India, 200 BCE–400 CE. Free with Museum admission.
Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Asia Week daily digest features one auction highlight per day.

A diverse selection of Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian painting and sculpture is now on view at Christie’s, alongside a robust array of Asian sales. This highlight is an 18th century Deccan image of Prince Muhammad Sai’d Hunting, with provenance from Forge & Lynch in 2013. The spectacular scene includes animals of all kinds, including deer, big cats, and a hunting falcon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this daily digest for Day 2 of our 2023 edition! Discover even more exhibitions, auctions and events at