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Asia Week New York March 2023: Daily Digest – Day Six

Pair of Painted Earthenware Zhenmushou Tomb Guardians 彩繪鎭墓獸陶像一對 Tang dynasty, 8th century Heights: 62.9 cm. (24 3/4 in.) & 59.5 cm. (23 3/8 in.); courtesy Kaikodo

Day 6

Asia Week New York continues with a wide selection of exhibitions, dealer appointments, and online shows.

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Online Exhibitions
March 2023 Online Exhibition
The Asia Week New York 2023 Online Exhibition is live. Browse highlights from the exhibiting dealers as well as selections from upcoming auctions. Some of this year's participants are showing online only. The web address for the Online Exhibition is:


All of the dealers mentioned below are open today.

Ralph Chait Galleries

A beautiful 15th-16th century figure of Nampar Gyalwar, from Tibet, with silver and copper inlaid eyes, his right hand raised in the typical gesture of this Bon Deity is one of the works on view at Buddhist Art.
Buddhist Art.

Dai Ichi Arts includes works by Japan’s ceramic Living National Treasures, from porcelain to stoneware; from celadon to iron glazes. Tokuda Yasokichi III was designated in 1997 for his production of colorful porcelain (saiyu jiki). His use of polychrome enamel on pigmented glazes on simple forms is famous in the Kutani canon. 
Dai Ichi Arts Ltd.

Kim Hyunggeun's Day of Blossoming Cotton Flowers 1995, oil on canvas, 17 x 20 in. (43.2 x 50.8 cm.) features in the modern and contemporary Korean paintings showcase, which also includes work by Kim Sou, Su Kwak, Kyung-ja, and Cho Yong-lk among others. The open house and the online exhibition also includes Goryeo celadons. 
HK Art & Antiques LLC.


Receptions, openings, ongoing exhibitions are listed here.


Seongmin Ahn fuses her insight into the relativity of perception with a deep regard for traditional Korean art, especially minhwa–folk painting. Traditional forms and themes are extended into multi-disciplinary and multi-media practices by adopting science, technology, and multiple cognitive models. She will be present tonight for the lecture.
The Korea Society.



The Asia Week daily digest features one auction highlight per day.

An important white porcelain moon jar from the Joseon Dynasty (18th century) is round and well-proportioned, formed by two parts joined at the belly, set with a slightly everted short neck, covered with a lustrous and translucent glaze, and set on a circular upright foot with a deep recessed base. Estimated at $1,000,000-2,000,000. 


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