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Asia Week New York March 2023: Daily Digest – Day Five

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798–1861) Mitsukuni Defies the Skeleton Specter Conjured by Princess Takiyasha, color woodblock print: ōban tate-e triptych, each sheet approx 14⅞ x 10 in. (37.8 x 25.4 cm); ca. 1845–46; courtesy Sebastian Izzard LLC

Day 5

Asia Week New York continues with a wide selection of exhibitions, dealer appointments, and online shows.

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Online Exhibitions
March 2023 Online Exhibition
The Asia Week New York 2023 Online Exhibition is live. Browse highlights from the exhibiting dealers as well as selections from upcoming auctions. Some of this year's participants are showing online only. The web address for the Online Exhibition is:


All of the dealers mentioned below are open today.

Pigeons have long been considered sacred in India, where they were kept and trained by princes and paupers and considered sacred to both Hinduism and Islam. At Akbar’s court there were thought to be more than 20,000 pigeons, but only 500 were considered select.
Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch.

Hiroshi Yanagi brings a Selection of Japanese Art ranging from 9th century to the 20th centuries, but 2023 is their first year bringing Korean art to New York. This Seated Amida Nyorai (Amitābha) Wooden sculpture Late Kamakura period dates back to 13th-14th century Japan and stands at 42cm.
Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art.


Light Shifts Every Second is a recent oil on canvas painting by Manika Nagare, based on the artist’s contemplation of natural light each day. She recognizes and celebrates the diversity of humanity, and believes it is important to actually see the work face-to-face with the naked eye, to convey what cannot be seen through reproductions.
Miyako Yoshinaga.


Receptions, openings, ongoing exhibitions are listed here.


Learning to Paint in Premodern China explores pathways to mastery through a rich selection of paintings from The Met along with loans from private collections. Alongside culturally significant and beautifully rendered hand scrolls, this included 17th century incense box is attributed to Hu Wenming.
Metropolitan Museum of Art.



The Asia Week daily digest features one auction highlight per day.

A Fine Japanese Plique a Jour Vase Attributed to Hattori Tadasaburo, Meiji Period, 7 1/4 inches. Stout baluster form, worked in silver wire, and colorful translucent enamel, which shows songbirds and insects among spring blossoms and rockwork before a pale blue sky with silver-wire clouds. Silver rim and base stamped with silver mark. Estimate at $15,000-$20,000.


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