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Lark Mason Associates Gallery
227 East 120th Street
New York, NY 10035

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Asia Week New York 2022 Exhibition

Asian, Ancient, and Ethnographic Works of Art Parts I and II

Sale Dates Online: April 7-26 and 27, 2022

With the successful sale of 290 lots, this two-part auction netted a total $1,076,618, with buyer's premium. The first and third top selling lots were two portraits by Luo Zhongli.

iGavel's website regularly publishes informative and insightful blogs. Libby Austin described the cultural and historical context that informed these portraits by Luo Zhongli in Luo Zhongli: Social Commentary through Artistic Expression . Lark Mason's essay, The Mystery of the Singular Table: An extraordinary Chinese table, not only rich in decoration, but in provenance as well, on the Chinese Gold and Silver Wire Inlaid Table in the sale, not only provided background of the furniture's production and historical context but also added provenance details and an evaluation of the item that ould only be written by a uniquely experienced veteran in the field.

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FR3SH Asian Art

Summer 2022
iGavel features ongoing online sales, entitled FR3SH, on their website. Drawn from property from estates, house sales, and other sources, these auctions, which post new listings daily and rolling closures, offer a wealth of engaging and appealing Asian works of art.

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