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Songtsam Offers Wellness Tours and Activities

At the Songtsam retreat in Shangri-La, this Tibetan Mindfulness concert is performed as attendees lie on mats to enjoy the vibrations of instruments and mantras, which provides a harmonious and relaxing experience.

Songtsam believes that the greatest importance when traveling is to awaken one's inner power and to inspire its potential by connecting with nature, local cultures, and communities. To achieve this goal, they offer a range of activities, such as traditional Tibetan meditation, mindfulness yoga, physiotherapy, spirited mountain hikes, and Tibetan medicated baths and spa therapies to help you discover the true source of happiness.

Yun Cao, Vice General Manager at Songtsam, is responsible for developing a wellness experience curated for its guests that is in keeping with Songtsam’s core values in which wellness is about “transforming one’s lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle and a spiritually uplifting experience.” Not only has Yun Cao studied with traditional spiritual mentors in Nepal and India, but she attended Fudan University in Shanghai, Yale University in Connecticut, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. “In Tibetan culture,” explains Yun Cao, “we have a retreat tradition which involves a separation from distracting routine life to train the mind to transform the negative karma (inherent mental habits and actions) and display its inherent positive qualities.”

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