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DAG Presents Tipu in the Museum Webinar

Tipu in the Museum: Artefacts from Mysore in Collections Around the World, DAG
Online webinar, September 29, 6:30pm IST/9am EDT

Amin Jaffer, Director, The Al-Thani Collection joins in conversation with Giles Tillotson, Senior VP, Exhibitions, DAG on the tendency of museums to claim association with Tipu-related objects where there is none, including in considerations of arms, furniture, the Tiger iconography of Tipu's courtly material culture, and how that relates to his historical image and exhibitions of Tipu Sultan’s materials.

This talk is in conjuction with DAG's current exhibition Tipu Sultan: Image and Distance in New Delhi and the recent exhibition in Kolkata, March to Freedom: Reflections on India's Independence on its Thirty-Fifth Anniversary.

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