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Monuments Woman, Podcast with Laura Tedesco

Monuments Woman, a podcast with Laura Tedesco, hosted by George Gavrilis

Monuments Woman-A Podcast Featuring Laura Tedesco, Hosted by George Gavrilis

In this current and ongoing podcast, host George Gavrilis discusses with American archaeologist Laura Tedesco her 11-year journey to help save Afghanistan's cultural treasures from looters, earthquakes, and the Taliban in this new and ongoing podcast. Tune in for thoughtful, well informed, and honest ongoing weekly considerations of what was involved to try and preserve Afghanistan’s rich cultural and artistic heritage in the midst of war and strife.

Laura Tedesco, who received a PhD from New York University in Anthropology and worked at the Met Museum before joining the U.S. State Department, has served as Cultural Heritage Program Manager in the Bureau of South and Asian Affairs for more than 11 years. Living in Kabul for several years, she was primarily tasked with investigating, assessing, and recommending actions to preserve the ancient and rich architectural sites and cultural patrimony of Afghanistan. With courageous honesty, deep knowledge, personal concern, and clear-eyed objectivity, she discusses these projects and the many complications and adventures that ensued. As a result of the pandemic and current circumstances in Afghanistan, Laura continues her work virtually and in close contact with Afghan colleagues.

Khwaja Abu Nasr Parsa Shrine, 15th century Timurid period, Balkh province, northern Afghanistan, photo by Laura Tedesco

Adding visual accompaniment to the podcasts are posts of photos Laura took during her work in Afghanistan on their Instagram page, “the_monuments_woman”.

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