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Kamada Shōji: The Art of Change

Kamoda Shōji (1933-1983), Jar (detail), 1971, stoneware with red and green painted glazes, 4 ½ x 6 1/2 in.

Minneapolis Institute of Art, Kamada Shōji: The Art of Change
December 11, 2021-April 17, 2022

Kamoda Shōji (1933–1983) became one of Japan’s most celebrated potters. His groundbreaking approach to the interplay among material, form, and surface helped revolutionize the way Japanese artists approached ceramic production. Inquisitive, thoughtful, and tireless, Kamoda was driven to innovate and experiment. His astonishing output and creativity garnered him a considerable following in Japan, and more recently in the United States. Despite his untimely death at the age of 49, this admiration continues today. This exhibition, the first outside of Japan, features nearly 50 works from 10 private American collections and spans the breadth of his brilliant artistic career.

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