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Last Days for On the Axis at Ippodo Gallery

L-R: Kota Arinaga (born 1978), Netz – Indigo, 2021, glass, H. 12 3/4 x W. 10 1/8 x D. 10 1/8 in. and
Kiyoko Morioka (born 1974), Flower Vase, ceramic, H. 10 7/8 x W. 6 7/8 x D. 6 7/8 in.

On the Axis Works by Kota Arinaga and Kiyoko Morioka,
Ippodo Gallery

Last day August 25

Ippodo Gallery's On the Axis is the gallery's first-ever dual exhibition featuring 15 pieces by glass artist Kota Arinaga and 25 by porcelain ceramist Kiyoko Morioka. At first glance, the duality between Arinaga and Morioka is pronounced. Arinaga is a male artist, Morioka female. Arinaga works with the immediacy of glass, while Morioka the patience of kiln firing. And yet, both artists are fascinated by the arcs and axes of time, exploring its dichotomies and the dualities in their work. In the stillness of the exhibition, their explorations complement and challenge one another, so that the viewer can reflect on time’s passages and surprises as it warps or rushes, freezes or evolves. Both glass and clay materials are embedded with the passage of time, requiring expert craftsmanship and patience over an extended period to produce a precious work of art.

To watch a recording of the Artist Talk with Kota Arinaga and Kiyoko Morioka, held by Ippodo Gallery on August 17, click here.

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