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Ippodo Gallery New Exhibition

Elegant Dedications: Selections of Female Artist Works, Ippodo Gallery
Online, February 23-March 9

Ippodo Gallery New York marries the worlds of Japanese reverence and contemporary sensibility. Traditionally celebrated on March 3rd, Hinamatsuri (also called “Girl's Day”) is a Japanese holiday that celebrates girls by praying for their health and well-being. To honor this celebration, Ippodo Gallery highlights works by women artists from our permanent collection and new glass and ceramic artworks by Kiyoko Morioka, Ruri Takeuchi, and Midori Tsukada.

Works in the exhibition include Kaga-inspired crafts and Kutani porcelain paintings by Ruri Takeuchi. Her decorated trinket boxes with adorable animals and delicate figurines in such refined detail may transport the viewer to a magical land. Kiyoko Morioka creates serene porcelain objects with a silky matte finish and graceful curvatures. Her works are as thin as wheel throwing can get. Midori Tsukada's glassmaking is strongly influenced bytraining as a metalsmith. Layers of various glass and copper leaf foil sheets fuse in Tsudaka’s work to create organic bubble-like patterns. Their works break away from ceramic tradition and allow themselves to express freely and hopefully inspire women to do the same in their chose field.

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