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Asia Week March 2022-Dealers’ Exhibitions

Following is a list of the dealer exhibitions that will be on view during Asia Week March 2022. For more information, including exhibition locations, click on the gallery names.

Indian, Himalayan, and Southeast Asian Art-Ancient and Contemporary

Akar Prakar
Jayashree Chakravarty: Feeling the Pulse (in the pandemic), ONLINE
March 15-April 15
Seeking parallels between human and nature forms, Jayashree Chakravarty (born 1956) is drawn to the power of the delicate but resilient network of veins/lines that form a sieve to hold the structure of matter together.

Art Passages
Delightful Images: Indian Paintings and Courtly Objects, March 16-24
Art Passages are specialists in Indian and Persian paintings. Connoisseurship, research, and integrity form the foundation of our operation.

Women Artists from 20th Century India, March 15-May 28
This exhibition looks at a selection of trailblazers who, each in her own way, has crafted a unique identity and practice, thereby contributing to the rich dialogue around the diversity in style, medium, material and context of India’s twentieth century art.

Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd
India and Iran: Works on Paper, March 16-24
Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd. is a London and New York based firm of independent art dealers, founded in 1998.

Francesca Galloway
Court, Epic, Spirit: Indian Art 15th-19th Century, January 26-March 24
This exhibition will present a variety of artworks including textiles, paintings, and courtly objects. Grounding the works in their historical context, the selection will offer insights into artistic and cultural movements in India during this time.

Kapoor Galleries
Dhanvantari's Blessing, March 14-25
The gallery exhibition will consist of exceptional Indian paintings from several schools, along with many fine Indian miniature paintings and arms, as well as a carefully-curated selection of sculptures from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Thomas Murray
Textiles of Indonesia: The Thomas Murray Collection, ONLINE and by appointment
March 16-25
Drawn from one of the world's leading textile collections, this magnificently presented array of traditional weavings from the Indonesian archipelago provides a unique window into the region's cultures, rites, and history.

Chinese Art-Ancient and Contemporary

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
Ink Affinities 墨缘: The Collaborative Works of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney, March 18-May 7
Since 2009 the artists Arnold Chang (born 1954) and Michael Cherney (born 1969) have created a series of collaborative works that combine classical ink painting with photography in ways that subtly blur the distinction between the two media.

Ralph M. Chait Galleries, Inc.
Spring Exhibition of Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art, March 16-25
This exhibition will feature a wide variety of fine Chinese ceramics from different eras and types.

Bingyi: Land of Immortals, March 16-25
Bingyi (born 1975) will premier new ink paintings from her site-specific Taihang Mountains series, in which she explores the Northern Song landscape tradition.

Kaikodo LLC
The Ancients Among Us: Chinese and Japanese Paintings and Works of Art
ONLINE March 15-25
This exhibition presents an array of ancient Chinese and Japanese paintings, sculptures, and works of art.

Zetterquist Galleries
Chinese Ceramics from Tang-Yuan Dynasty, March 16-25
This show will feature Chinese ceramics from the Tang through Yuan dynasties, including exquisite examples of celadons from Yaozhou, Yue, and Longquan kilns.

Japanese Art-Ancient and Contemporary

The Art of Japan
Two Hundred Years of Japanese Prints, March 18-21
Fine Japanese prints from our inventory with works ranging from classical ukiyo-e to early sosaku hanga (“creative prints”).

Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.
Future Forms: Avant-Garde Sculpture in Japanese Ceramics, March 1-30
This exhibition showcases a group of post-war, avant-garde sculptures that exemplify the creed of Yagi Kazuo, Yamada Hikaru, and Suzuki Osamu’s “Objet-Yaki”, or “Kiln-Fired Objects”.

Egenolf Gallery Japanese Prints
Masterworks by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), ONLINE March 16-25
This single-owner collection features some of the most powerful artworks of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), who is considered the last of the great 19th century ukiyo-e artists.

Ippodo Gallery
Chaos to Cosmos: White Road between Two Rivers, March 10-April 14
This retrospective of Ken Matsubara’s (born 1948) works presents a view of the universe that is magnificent beyond description.

Joan B Mirviss LTD
Kondō Takahiro: Making Waves, March 16-25
The thirty new sculptures in this solo exhibition are characterized by swirling whirlpools of black, gray, and white marbleized porcelain glistening with ‘silver mist’ that resembles morning dew.

Onishi Gallery
The Eternal Beauty of Metal, March 16-25
The exhibit features vessels made from gold, silver, platinum, copper, lead, and unique Japanese alloys and are worked in a variety of techniques, including casting, chiseling, hammering, and overlay.

Giuseppe Piva Japanese Art
Japanese Art and Antiques, March 16-25
On display will be one of the leading arrays of antique samurai arms and armor, netsuke, screens and other works of art, that allow viewers to experience a taste of the true samurai spirit and of traditional Japanese culture.

Scholten Japanese Art
Influencers: Japonisme and Modern Japan, March 16-25
This exhibitions features fine prints and paintings that demonstrate the dialogue between Japan and the West.

Sebastian Izzard LLC Asian Art
Privately Commissioned Japanese Prints and Albums from the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries, March 18-26
This spring exhibition will feature surimono, the privately commissioned counterparts to the commercial Japanese woodblock prints of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Thomsen Gallery
Modern Masterpieces from the Taisho-Early Showa Eras, March 16-25
This show examines how most painters of the Taisho and early Showa eras typically remained focused on traditional themes, while their work often experimented with new materials and perspectives and showed Western influences.

TAI Modern
Yufu Shohaku Solo Exhibition; Selected Works of Japanese Bamboo Art
March 16-25
This will be Japanese bamboo artist Yufu Shohaku’s (born 1941) first solo exhibition outside of Japan. Also on view will be selected works from over 40 bamboo artists working in a broad range of styles and techniques.

Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art
Selection of Japanese Art, March 16-23
On view will be a wide selection of artworks covering the entire scope of Japanese art.

“In the Space of the Near and Distant”-Solo Exhibition by Jonathan Yukio Clark, March 17-April 30
This solo exhibition by a Hawaiʻi-based Japanese-American artist will consist of monotype prints and sculptures informed by the traditional Japanese living space, where the transience of nature and human life are closely connected.

Korean Art-Ancient and Contemporary

HK Art & Antiques LLC
Korean Paintings and Sculptures: Past and Present, March 17-April 6
This exhibition features noteworthy Korean classical paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and modern & contemporary art.

-Buddha Head, Gandhara, 4th century, gray schist, Kapoor Galleries Inc.
-Bingyi, White Clouds and Dark Beasts (detail), 2021, ink on xuan paper, INKstudio
-Sako Ryuhei (b. 1976), Mokume-gane Vase 02, 2013, silver, copper, shakudo (alloy-copper, gold) and shibuichi (alloy-copper, silver)
-Anonymous (late 19th century), Three Deities (detail), ink and color on silk, HK Art and Antiques