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Ippodo Gallery celebrates 15 years in New York

In March 2023, Ippodo Gallery celebrates 15 years in New York City.

Founded by Keiko Aono in 1996 in Tokyo, Ippodo Gallery has remained devoted to the appreciation of Japanese culture and tradition through exquisitely crafted, high-quality artwork. Ippodo Gallery Tokyo is now located both in the heart of Ginza and a quiet residential area Gotenyama, with tea ceremony rooms where many artists and friends gather and foster connections. Keiko Aono built Ippodo Gallery through a specific kind of trust and love found in human relationships, and as a result, Ippodo Gallery has worked directly with over 200 artists and held thousands of exhibitions over the decades.

Today, Ippodo Gallery in New York is overseen by Keiko-san’s daughter, Shoko Aono, a pioneer in presenting Japanese Kogei art, including ceramics, lacquerware, bamboo, woodwork, metal, textiles, glass, painting, and photography among other media. The New York gallery space opened in 2008, and continues to bring meaningful Japanese art, experience, and hospitality to a Western audience.

Ippodo Gallery honors traditions in life and presents a gratitude for nature. Immersed the world of Japanese reverence, they bring a contemporary sensibility by closely working with living Japanese artists, through a belief that life is an art form itself. The gallery mission is to share empathy and conversations with the world through the experience of Japanese culture.

Ippodo has an Asia Week New York showcase on ‘Iridescent Lacquer’ by Terumasa Ikeda.