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Fu Qiumeng’s Exhibition Named “Top Five Picks”

NYC-Arts Top Five Picks: New York Rhythms: C.C. Wang Calligraphy

NYC-Arts named Fu Qiumeng's current exhibition New York Rhythms: C.C. Wang Calligraphy as one of its Top Five Picks for the week of February 4-10. NYC-Arts is an award-winning arts program co-hosted by Paula Zahn and Philippe de Montebello. Both Paula Zahn and Philippe de Montebello have won a NY Emmy for their work on the program.

New York Rhythms: C. C. Wang's Calligraphy, on view now through March 5th, is the first retrospective to focus on the artist's final two decades of calligraphy practice in New York City. The exhibit's 16 pieces, culled from the collections of a small group of Wang's friends and students, represent three significant stages of work. They chart the artist's journey from traditional calligraphy, through an experimental phase, and culminate in an abstract calligraphic period that marks his transformation from a classical Chinese landscape painter to a contemporary artist, working in tune with the 1980s and 1990s creative currents. The exhibition's title is drawn from a remark made by C.C. Wang that his art work had developed to the point that it had “become just like jazz music.”

This week's other Top Five Picks include David Zwirner Art Gallery's Toni Morrison’s Black Book, Forum Gallery's Stillness of Life: Bauer | Fenniak | Massad | Mitri, Baryshnikov Arts Center's Philippe Petit: Open Practice and White Wave's 6th Annual SoloDuo Dance Festival at Dixon's Place.