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Dreaming in Mino: The Art of Oribe & Shino Opens at
Dai Ichi Arts

Dreaming in Mino: The Art of Oribe & Shino, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.
Exhibition dates: November 1–December 15, 2022

Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to present the Winter group exhibition Dreaming in Mino: The Art of Oribe & Shino, which explores the work of modern and contemporary artists who practice in these two beloved styles of Japanese pottery from Mino: Oribe and Shino yaki.

Heralded for its patches of copper green, its variety of colorful gradations that the glaze type permits, and the playful decorations that are often employed, Oribe ware is an indispensable part of any Japanese modern art collection. The pioneering experimental spirit of Oribe lives on in modern ceramics in the work of the artists and potters featured in our winter selection, who are all at the forefront of carrying the tradition and spirit of Oribe into the future.

Shino-yaki was first fired during the Momoyama era (1568-1603) at kilns in Mino (present-day Gifu). Usually fashioned in stoneware, it is characterized by a thick yet porous and viscous glaze. Traditionally fired in anagama kilns, Shino-yaki can assume a dramatic appearance with a stark contrast between colors, or subtle, muted tones of white gradation. Modern artists take on this traditional glaze and play with its opacity, for the silica in the glaze may oxidize differently and produce different degrees of translucency. This exhibition presents the various types of Shino-yaki by contemporary artists and ranges from various shades of blue-gray, to a fiery rust-red to a clear, pure white.

A full online exhibition catalog is available on Dai Ichi's website, click here.

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