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Artist’s Talk at Korea Society

Artist Talk: Wonju Seo, Video Release, Korea Society
Wednesday, April 20, 5pm EDT

In Wonju Seo’s hands, the aesthetics, forms, and techniques of bojagi—traditional Korean wrapping cloths—are reconfigured as abstract textile art for a global audience. Seo combines needlework, painting, photography, and other techniques to create contemplative artworks that explore her transcultural identity and life experience. In this online program, she talks about her career and work.

Wonju Seo's work is currently in the exhibition Travelogue at Korea Society. Born and raised in Seoul and now based in the United States, Wonju Seo is an artist and educator who has won numerous awards and exhibited her art in exhibitions throughout the world. Her works are in several permanent institutions in the U.S. and South Korea.

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