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ARTIC Opens Second Rotation of The Golden Age of
Kabuki Prints

Katsukawa Shunkо (1743-1812), Actor Onoe Matsusuke I as Retired Emperor Sutoku, ca. 1775-1785,
color woodblock print, Clarence Buckingham Collection, 1925.2370

The Golden Age of Kabuki Prints, Art Institute of Chicago
Second rotation: April 16-June 26, 2022

The drama of Kabuki theater was most successfully conveyed in the prints of the Katsukawa School of artists because they captured the individual characteristics of each actor. This exhibition is drawn from the more than 700 Katsukawa School prints in the Art Institute’s collection. Along with the dramatic subject matter, Kabuki theater is characterized by its highly stylized postures, movements, hand gestures, facial expressions, even makeup. All these elements are exaggerated to heighten narrative impact.

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