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2017 Gallery Hop: Focus on Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Sculpture

For the third post in our 2017 Gallery Hop series, we're focusing on sculpture from India, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia, with a 0.9-mile itinerary down Madison Avenue. Total walking time should be under 20 minutes, and you'll get to explore no less than eight exhibitions along the way.

Start at Walter Arader's exhibition at 1016 Madison Avenue.
Exhibition on view: New Acquisitions
Focus: Himalayan Art

(Note: Three other participating dealers are also exhibiting here, if you're feeling ambitious.)

Walk south on Madison Avenue and make a right on 75th Street. At number 7, you'll find Nayef Homsi Ancient Art of Asia.
Exhibition on view: Recent Acquisitions
Focus: Stone Sculptures from India and Gandhara

One block down Madison Avenue, at the northeastern corner of 72nd Street, you'll find Buddhist Art exhibiting at Arader Galleries.
Exhibition on view: Serene Deities

(Note: Participating dealer Samina Inc. is also exhibiting at this location.)

Continue walking south on Madison Avenue for four blocks. Make a left on 68th Street to reach Galerie Christophe Hioco exhibiting at Leslie Feely Fine Art, number 33.
Exhibition on view: New Acquisitions in Indian Art and Himalayan Art
Focus: Gilt Bronze Sculptures

In the same space, you'll also find Carlo Cristi. In addition to sculptures, he is exhibiting a group of early Tibetan manuscript illuminations from the 12th and 13th centuries.
Exhibition on view: Art of India, Tibet, Central Asian Textiles

Go back to Madison Avenue, walk one block south, and make a left on 67th Street to reach Kapoor Galleries Inc. at number 34.
Exhibition on view: Recent Acquisitions

Walk one block down Madison Avenue and make a left on 66th Street. Phoenix Ancient Art is exhibiting at number 47.
Exhibition on view: The Diffusion of Buddha in Antiquity
Focus: Gandharan Sculpture

Go back towards Madison Avenue and cross the street to reach Dr. Robert R. Bigler's exhibition at Dickinson Roundell Inc., 19 East 66th Street.
Exhibition on view: Dynasties and Identities
Tibeto-Chinese Buddhist Art of the 13th to 15th Centuries

A custom Google map of the itinerary, which you can share with others, is below: