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2017 Gallery Hop: Focus on Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Paintings

For the fourth post in our 2017 Gallery Hop series, we're focusing on paintings from India, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia, with a 1.3-mile itinerary that takes you to seven galleries, from the Upper East Side to midtown. This itinerary starts a few feet away from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, so you could pair it with a tour of the Met's Asian art exhibitions. Total walking time should be under 30 minutes, but the time you spend in each gallery, of course, is up to you.

Start at Alexis Renard's exhibition in the lower level of Tambaran Gallery at 5 East 82nd Street.
Type of work on view: Indian and Islamic Art

(Note: You can also catch Runjeet Singh's exhibition of arms and armor at this location, and Carole Davenport is exhibiting in Suite 2 of the building.)

A few feet away, you'll find Oliver Forge & Brendan Lynch Ltd. exhibiting at 9 East 82nd Street.
Exhibition on view: Indian Court Painting

(Note: An exhibition of Korean contemporary paintings and decorative traditional arts is also on view in this building, courtesy of participating dealer Kang Collection Korean Art.)

Head to Madison Avenue and walk south for two blocks, then make a right on 80th Street to reach Francesca Galloway at W. M. Brady & Co., 22 East 80th Street.
Exhibition on view: Pahari Paintings from the Eva and Konrad Seitz Collection

Go back to Madison Avenue and continue walking south for two blocks, to reach Prahlad Bubbar at Arader Galleries, 1016 Madison Avenue.
Exhibition on view: Indian Paintings and Early Photography 1600–1880: Recent Acquisitions

Stay right where you are! At the same location, you'll find Tenzing Asian Art. While the paintings in this exhibition take center stage, you'll also find an array of sculptures from the region.
Exhibition on view: Buddhist Bronzes, Paintings, and Textiles from the Himalayas

(While you're here, you can also catch exhibitions by Walter Arader and Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art, all in the same building.)

Head back down Madison Avenue. At 73rd Street, make a right to reach Navin Kumar Gallery at number 24.
Exhibition on view: Himalayan and Indian Art

Now for the main stretch of this itinerary—go back to Madison Avenue and walk 16 blocks down to the historic Fuller Building at the corner of 57th Street, where you'll be rewarded with an exhibition of 20th century art at DAG Modern, on the 7th Floor.
Exhibition on view: The Art of Bengal

(Note: Two other participating dealers, J. J. Lally & Co. and Alan Kennedy, are exhibiting in the building.)

A custom Google map of the itinerary, which you can share with others, is below: