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ZOOM Gallery Talk hosted by Joan B Mirviss LTD

Impressionism to Modernism: The Keithley Collection, September 2022-January 2023, Cleveland Museum of Art, OH. Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Unexpected Dialogues: Japanese Ceramics in New Contexts
June 22, 2023 at 5pm EST (New York)

Because contemporary Japanese ceramics are so versatile, they can stand in comfortable and even intriguing conversation with all kinds of art. Encompassing a wide variety of forms, styles, surface treatments and patterning, their many alluring aspects speak to other artworks from vastly different cultures and time periods. The resulting dialogues enrich our understanding of not only the juxtaposed art but also of the people who have thoughtfully brought them together.

In this ZOOM Gallery Talk, expert panelists show us the many new contexts that they have discovered for contemporary Japanese ceramics. With curator Heather Brown, collectors Nancy and Joe Keithley examine their extraordinary interdisciplinary collection and how it was displayed privately and then publicly at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Curator Mari Hanazato, who was part of the Musée Tomo in Tokyo from its inception, explores how a museum's physical space is integral to sparking unexpected dialogues between artworks and among visitors. New York-based collector Matthew Nimetz expands upon his reflections in the 2019 book, The Allure of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics, and talks about living with a diverse collection built over decades.

Heather Lemonedes Brown, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Cleveland Museum of Art, OH
Mari Hanazato, Curator at Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, formerly chief curator at Musée Tomo, Tokyo
Nancy and Joe Keithley, Ohio-based art collectors and museum patrons
Matthew Nimetz, New York-based art collector
moderated by Joan Mirviss

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