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We’re Getting Ready for Asia Week!

Paying attention to every detail, Heakyum Kim of HK Art and Antiques LLC makes sure Wonsook Kim's Shadow a Bird is free of dust and fingerprints.

Preparing the exhibitions and auctions that comprise Asia Week involves a myriad number of details—many hours of work, an enormous amount of collaboration, lots of cleaning, and checking-checking-checking. And because the best display has little meaning without visitors, there is no such thing as too much marketing and promotional efforts.

Next week, everything will come together—online and in person—and we all eagerly look forward to gather together……after a long delay!……and enjoy wonderful Asian artworks and each other's company.

Bonhams prepares their galleries, as Bruce Maclaren (left) hangs calligraphy from Richard Fabian's collection

Asia Week New York has assembled a number of features to provide you the information you need, so that you are sure not to miss a thing!
Daily Digest — an email list of day’s events, plus a bonus round-up, March 15-26. Check your daily email box.
Calendar — AWNY’s website has a new feature for Asia Week that lists all events each day, click here
Map — find out where each participating member is located, click here
Comprehensive list —This blog post has expanded to include all exhibitions and events, organized by date and by category (galleries/auctions/museums), click here
Participant’s pages and daily blog posts — stay tuned to our daily online news posts and participant’s pages for the latest and most detailed information.

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