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Visit Songtsam’s Benzilan Lodge

Songtsam's Benzilan Lodge
As the lowest altitude lodge, Songtsam Lodge Benzilan, located at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan, is a unique dry-hot valley in the Shangri-la region. Nestled in an intimate green valley by the Yangtze River, it offers a small stone building wrapped in green plants, together with authentic white-walled Tibetan homes. From the colorful windows of the lodge, you have a view of a small prayer house that rests atop a hill.

Songtsam Lodge Benzilan, which consists of 10 deluxe rooms, is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters, and is located in a Tibetan village in the valley of the Jinsha River’s tributary on the southwest side of Benzilan town, where Deqin county meets Batang (Sichuan province) and Shangri-la.

Benzilan stands on a narrow strip of land on the right bank of the Upper Yangtze River, tucked between the water and the sharply rising hills. As the altitude falls by more than 1,000m, the temperature rises, and travellers now arrive at another Shangri-La rich in blooming flowers and flourishing trees. Some of the region’s most delicious fruit is grown here, including juicy grapes and watermelons during the summer, and mouth-watering tangerine in the autumn.

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