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Upcoming Programs at Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

Wang Mansheng (born 1962), Deep in the Mountains Searching for Ancient Trees No. 5, 2014,
ink on paper, 71 x 38.5 in.

Moonlight on Stones | Wang Mansheng 王满晟
Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

May 20-July 23, 2022

Fu Qiumeng will host two special in-person programs to accompany the current exhibition.

Meet the Artist
Saturday, June 4, 12-2pm
Artist Wang Mansheng will lead a tour through the current exhibition of 19 paintings selected from his Night Mountain and Ancient Trees series. Wang will describe his artistic practice and consider philosophical approaches in Chinese landscape painting history. This exhibition contains a relationship between text and image, which is a traditional feature, that has been enacted in a novel way through the artist’s sensitivity and intellectual interests. The Ancient Trees collection represents his consideration of longevity and form. In intimate contact with the ecosystem of the Hudson River Valley, he makes brushes and ink out of local organic materials to paint objects found in the area while demonstrating his reflections on lines, shape, and texture.

Scholar's Lecture: Poetic Construction of Multiple Times in Tang Poetry 
Friday, June 10, 6-8pm
In this Scholar's Lecture, Dr. Chao Ling, curator of the exhibition, will use the Tang poet Li Shen's (772–846) 李紳 Twenty Poems on the New Tower 新樓詩二十首 as an example to discuss some linguistic and poetic issues. First, how do Chinese poets, responding to the challenge of a syntactically tenseless Chinese language, articulate temporal concepts—such as the sense of temporality, grammatical aspect, and instant in time? Also, why does poetry, which is primarily about spatial constructs (in particular high towers), often yield to a reflection on time?

Dr. Chao Ling (born 1987) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong. Ling primarily researches classical Chinese poetry and art history, with a special focus on the medieval period. He also works on literary theory and philosophical investigations of the relationship between text and image. Ling holds a PhD in East Asian Languages and Literatures from Yale University (2019) and a B.A. in Chinese Languages and Literatures from Peking University (2009).

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