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Upcoming Events at China Institute

Seeing China Through Film, Wednesday, December 15th, 6-8pm
Suzhou River: Lou Ye and the Impact of Digital Cinema in China

Lou Ye is one of the most influential and important directors in China today. Through his films, Lou brings to light his interpretation of social issues of the marginalized in the Chinese society. One of his most important works, Suzhou River, is a tragic love story set in modern Shanghai. But rather than show off China’s glamorous “pearl of the orient,” writer-director Lou sets the film amid the chaotic factories and abandoned warehouses along the Suzhou River, which runs through the city. The film, which was never shown in China, gives us an up-close look into contemporary China’s gritty urban underbelly.

The 10-part Seeing China Through Film series is a tour of China’s greatest films, curated by Columbia University Film Professor Richard Peña, former Program Director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, who will participate in a talkback after the screening, which will be shown live at China Institute.

China Institute Literati Salon, Friday, December 17th, 6-7:30pm
Along the Hudson River

Experience the Chinese literati salon (文人雅集) inspired by ancient tradition, with an evening of classical music, poetry, calligraphy—and wine! At China’s traditional “literati salons,” gentlemen scholars connected with nature, art, and music while sipping tea and wine. This week's live program at China Institute includes speakers musician Zhou Yi, historian and amateur artist Dr. Weini Zhao, and educator and host Shenzhan Liao.

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