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Two upcoming online talks

Paul Binnie, b. 1967, Study of a Noh Kimono Sleeve in 'Kakitsubata', oil on wood panel 19 by 13 3/8 in., Courtesy of Scholten Japanese Art

Zoom Webinar sponsored by JASA
The Material Culture of Noh

Tuesday, May 9 at 5pm (EDT)

For this live Zoom webinar, Princeton University Professor Thomas Hare will speak about the origins of noh theater in Japan and, in particular, about its material culture. Noh drama has a 700-year history of continuous performances, and it has, in that time, developed a detailed body of conventions of performance that specify not only text, music and dance, but also the material culture of noh, its costumes, masks, props and even its unique stage. This talk will relate these material aspects of noh history to its thematic concerns in modern performance and their ties to historical performance.

Note: Advance registration is required to attend this event. Register here: May 9 Zoom Webinar.

Sneak Peek—When Stones Move: Journeys of the Tamil Yoginis
at The National Museum of Asian Art

Online event, May 9, 2023 12 pm (EST)

What happens to stone sculptures in India when they are separated from their original context? Follow the multiple journeys of a group of goddesses called yoginis from their temple, which no longer exists, to a bustling South Indian city and onward to museum collections on three continents. In this richly illustrated talk, Emma Natalya Stein, assistant curator of South Asian and Southeast Asian art, will reveal a recently discovered yogini—not in a museum but in a local Tamil shrine—and give a sneak peek into plans for an exhibition that seeks to reunite this important group of goddesses.

Read more and register here

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