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Three New Galleries Join Asia Week New York This March

L-R: Nampar Gyalwar, Tibet, Bon Religion, 15th century, bronze with copper and silver inlay, Buddhist Art; Bhutanese Royal Guard's Shield, Bhutan, mid 19th-early 20th century, leather, copper alloy, white metal, textile, lacquer, Runjeet Singh; and Domoto Insho, Phase, circa 1960, ink on paper, Shibunkaku

Asia Week New York is delighted to add three dealers to our membership, two returning galleries and one new to our group. Be sure to visit them in March and explore the wonderful art works they offer.

Buddhist Art
Buddhist Images of One Millennium
March 16-21
Arader Galleries
29 E. 72nd St.
Buddhist Art is based in Berlin and has been offering fine Buddhist sculpture for over 15 years. The gallery’s primary focus is on Himalayan Art, with a wide variety of objects from Tibet, Nepal and Mongolia. The second focus is the Art of Southeast Asia, especially Khmer and Thai. You can find masterpieces of Himalayan, Khmer and Thai Art, but the gallery has always made sure to present beautiful objects for beginning collectors at very affordable prices as well. Maintaining a very flexible and innovative approach, Buddhist Art offers works at exhibitions throughout the world and from a private showroom in Berlin. A regular exhibitor at Asia Week new York since 2012, Buddhist Art is returning to Asia Week this season to present exciting new acquisitions of the last 3 Corona years.

Runjeet Singh
March 16-24
Arader Galleries 1016 Madison Avenue
Runjeet Singh, who is based in Warwickshire, returns to Asia Week New York this season with an exhibition of arms, armor, and works of art from all over Asia.

The Colors of the Postwar Japanese Abstract Arts
March 16-24
Joan B Mirviss LTD
39 East 78th Street, Suite 401
Joining Asia Week New York for the first time, Shibunkaku will present The Colors of the Postwar Japanese Abstract Arts, a series of colorful artworks created by Japanese artists from the postwar period. The exhibition features abstract paintings by two important artists Yamaguchi Takeo and Domoto Insho, the masters of the Yōga and Nihonga respectively. They will also be showcasing the avant-garde calligraphy by two other great masters, Morita Shiryu and Inoue Yuichi. As another special highlight, they will include a valuable classic piece by a Mid-Edo period Zen priest, Hakuin Ekaku, who has inspired many artists with his Zen ideology and aesthetics, including Morita Shiryu.

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