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Thomsen Gallery at the Winter Show 2021
January 22-31
Online only

Shigaraki Jar, Stoneware with natural ash glaze, Muromachi period (1333-1573), 15th-16th century
H 18½ x W 16¼ x D 16 in.

Thomsen Gallery will present select works of Japanese art from the 6th century to the present, including folding screens and hanging scroll paintings, gold lacquer boxes, signed bamboo ikebana baskets, tea ceramics, and contemporary porcelain sculptures by Sueharu Fukami.

A highlight among the screens is Autumn Flowers by the Kyoto School, a six-panel screen painted in ink and mineral colors on paper with gold leaf from the 19th century. Additional folding screens date from the Edo period and the Showa era also focus on seasonal motifs.

The gold-lacquer boxes included in the show are writing boxes, tea caddies, and document boxes dating from the Taisho through Heisei eras. Standing out is a tea caddy with the bold design of stretched dried abalone, an auspicious betrothal symbol in Japan, by the ninth-generation lacquer artist Nishimura Hikobei of Kyoto.

Among the bamboo ikebana baskets are works by the famous first generation basket makers Tanabe Chikuunsai I and Maeda Chikubosai I, as well as works by later artists, such as Tanaka Kosai. Early ceramics from the 6th through the 16th centuries are contrasted by iconographic porcelain sculptures by the contemporary ceramic artist Sueharu Fukami.