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Thomas Murray at the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Art Virtual Show 2021

Hasapi Lute top figure, Batak, Sumatra

February 24-28, 2021

Explore the exotic, colorful, magical, mystical work of Tribal and Ethnographic Art. Enjoy and acquire objects created by indigenous cultures over millennia. More than 60 top-tier galleries and dealers from the US and around the globe showing remarkable stone and wood carvings, paintings, jewelry, and pottery and the finest ancient and contemporary textiles and rugs for North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, India, Oceania, and the Americas.

Friday, February 26, 2021, Thomas Murray will speak on the Art of Two, the book he wrote in 2015 on the theme of Mother and Child. Tom Murray is an independent researcher, author, collector, lecturer, and private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on Indonesian sculpture and textiles, as well as animistic art from other varied cultures.

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