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This Week Offers a Wealth of Japanese Art in New York

L-R: Tokuda Yasokichi IV (born 1961), Bowl Suicho (Crystalline Green), 2017, porcelain with vivid colored glaze (yôsai), Onishi Gallery; Meisen kimono with water droplets, Shōwa period (1926–89), ca. 1930–40, plain-weave reeled-silk warps with machine-spun silk wefts in double ikat (heiyō-gasuri), Promised Gift of John C. Weber. Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art, photo by Paul Lachenauer; Isezaki Mitsuru (1934-2011), Bizen Large Plate, with signed wood box, stoneware, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

New Japanese Tea Bowls and Flower Vases From Ōhi Chōzaemon Toyasai X

Currently on view
Ōhi Chōzaemon Toyasai X's (Tenth Generation) new collection at Onishi Gallery speaks to the years of history and technique; showcasing select pieces with his son, Ōhi Toshio Chōzaemon XI (Eleventh Generation).
Female Feature Month
June 1-24
This exhibition includes work by the metalsmiths Osumi Yukie (Living National Treasure, born 1945), Oshiyama Motoko (born 1958), Otsuki Matsuko (born 1943), and Hagino Noriko (born 1949), as well as ceramicist Tokuda Yasokichi IV (born 1961).

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Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection

June 7-February 20, 2023
This exhibition traces the transformation of the kimono from the late Edo period (1615–1868) through the early 20th century, as the T-shaped garment was adapted to suit the lifestyle of modern Japanese women. It features a remarkable selection of works from the renowned John C. Weber Collection of Japanese art that explore the mutual artistic exchanges between the kimono and Western fashion, as well as highlights from The Costume Institute’s collection.

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Rokkoyō: The Six Ancient Kilns of Japan

June 2-30
Dai Ichi Arts presents a summer exhibition showcasing Modern & Contemporary Japanese ceramics from the Nihon Rokkoyō (Japan's Six Ancient Kilns). The Rokkoyō category describes six representative ceramic production sites that has continued from Medieval Japan to the contemporary day: Echizen, Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Tanba and Bizen. Journey through these kiln sites with us through our summer exhibition, which will showcase Modern interpretations from these kiln sites by exceptional contemporary potters & artists.

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