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The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Current Asian Art Exhibitions


Artist/maker Unknown, Simurgh Attacking a Gaja-Simha Carrying Elephants, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Mawar Region, India, Asia, early 19th century, opaque watercolor and gold on paper, 12 5/8 x 9 in. (32.1 x 22.9 cm)

If you’re looking for more fascinating Asian Art exhibits nearby, head over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for their many shows on Japanese, Indian, Islamic and Chinese art! Below is one highlighted exhibition to encounter.

Mythical Creatures: China and the World
Through June 1, 2025
Main Building-Galleries 321, 326 & 339

Mythical creatures fascinate and capture the imagination of people across the globe. Whether benevolent or fearsome, they serve an important purpose – to help humans make sense of the world. This exhibition explores the theme of diversity by bringing together mythical creatures from China as well as across Asia and Europe. Representations of paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, and contemporary toy bricks, dating from the 1000s to today illustrate how these fantastical beasts, although sometimes perceived as the same, are quite different. Among the contemporary works are those by artists Xu Bing and Ai Weiwei inspired by ancient myths and legends that continue to shape the way we think about our lives today.

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