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The Korea Society Artist’s Talk Video Release

Emanuel Hahn, Eden Foods, 2020

Artist Talk: Emanuel Hahn
Video Release
Thursday, June 1, 2023

Emanuel Hahn's Koreatown Dreaming series was born out of a sense of urgency to document the stories of Koreatown LA during the Covid-19 pandemic and creeping gentrification. Although Koreatown is increasingly a popular destination for tourists and transplants, many small businesses in Koreatown serving the local population are closing, and long-time establishments and mom-and-pop stores have disappeared without leaving a record of their history and contributions to the city of Los Angeles. Documenting the lives and stories of those who are still surviving, his photo series offers a compelling insight into this entrepreneurial immigrant group.

Hahn, one of the two photographers featured in The Korea Society's Koreatown LA/NY, talks about his career and work.

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