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TAI Modern’s Curatorial Vignette: From Bamboo to Brush Opens Soon


Monden Yuichi, Wave Song, 2011, madake & nemagari bamboo, rattan, 21 x 25.5 x 12.75 in.; Deanne Kroll, Tibetan Bowls Music 2, 2024, ink on rice paper on wood, cold wax, 16x 23 in.

From Bamboo to Brush
January 26 – February 29, 2024
Opening Reception: Friday, January 26, 5–7pm

From Bamboo to Brush is a curatorial vignette that showcases the synergy between Japanese bamboo art from TAI Modern’s collection and contemporary Zen ink brush painting by artist Deanne Kroll of Raven Brushworks. The exhibit explores the shared principles of purpose, movement and expression, creating a compelling connection between these two diverse art forms.

Inspired by the nurturing ways of the raven, artist Deanne Kroll established Raven Brushworks in Santa Fe as a platform for her contemplative creative practice. “Painting has the potential to allow for deeper spiritual connection. When I paint, I invite my mind to unlearn what it knows. This process brings me into a state of inner peace, and this allows me to feel the essence of my subject.”

The exhibition features ink paintings by Deanne Kroll alongside Japanese bamboo art by renowned artists like Honma Hideaki, Kawano Shoko, Monden Yuichi, Nakamura Tomonori, Sugiura Noriyoshi, Oki Toshie, Shono Tokuzo, Watanabe Chiaki and Japanese Living National Treasure, Fujitsuka Shosei.

Be sure to visit for a transformative exploration of artistic expression, cultural fusion and shared spiritual experience.

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