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Spend your Next Holiday at Songtsam’s Rumei Lodge


Songtsam’s Rumei Lodge is set next to the mountain-home of the upper Mekong River

For a unique and idyllic holiday, escape to the natural beauty of Tibet and stay at the Songtsam Rumei Lodge. At an altitude of 2,600 meters, this remote oasis is situated at the first stop on the road from Yunnan to TAR on Songtsam’s Tea Horse Road Expedition. Nestled away in a valley, the lodge is located next to Zhuka Village in the north and vast farmland in the south.

From the window of Songtsam’s Rumei Lodge overlooking snow-capped mountains

Guest rooms all face the Lancang (Upper Mekong) River, ensuring beautiful views of the natural stream outside and the green, verdant terraces nearby. The lodge embraces bright colors such as green, yellow, white, and peacock blue, mirroring the colors of the sky and surrounding snow-capped mountains, rivers, and fields.

Partake in one of the many activities offered for Songtsam guests, such as visiting a nomadic village ranch at Maiba pasture to learn about life of traditional Tibetan herdsmen and enjoy a picnic of local dishes and fresh yak butter tea or venture on a relaxing hiking trip escorted by local people either on horseback or on foot. With the diverse altitude changes you are able to experience different views of the surrounding landscapes and villages. When you finally reach the top, admire and take in the breathtaking views over a cup of handmade coffee and a slice of cake.

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