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Songtsam Tacheng Lodge


Tacheng Lodge is elegantly designed to showcase fine Chinese art and style; while big windows and balconies enable guests to take in the stunning rural scenery.

Located in a village beside the Yangtze River, where both Tibetan and Naxi minority people live together, Songtsam Tacheng Lodge enjoys a comfortable climate and boasts the region’s most fertile land. The 20 spacious and cozy guestrooms in the main building face beautiful terraced rice fields and mountains in the distance. The year-round climate yields an abundance of fruits and nuts, growing alongside terraced fields of rice, wheat and grapes. Meals in Tacheng benefit from a rich supply of locally grown organic vegetables all year round, as well as wild honey, fish, and ham that might just be the best in China.

Songtsam Tacheng Lodge is located in northwestern Yunnan province in an area that is richly endowed by nature and famous as a land of plenty. Natural conditions supply Tacheng with natural and seasonal foods. Local chefs cook these fresh ingredients, which are grown in the lodge’s vegetable garden and surrounding villages, to make meals that are healthy and maximize the original flavor of the ingredients.

Songtsam Tacheng Lodge is located between the Yangtze and Mekong Rivers and is only a 3-4 hour drive from Shangri-La. The journey along the Mekong River from Meili to Cizhong, and finally to Tacheng, is simply incredible. The road winds through vastly different landscapes that descend from high to low altitudes and takes one through cooler to warmer climates.

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