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Songtsam Linka Bome—a Year-round Retreat

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2021 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning retreats below!

Songtsam Linka Bome, one of thirteen Songstam Hotels, Resorts and Tours properties, is located in Bome, in the Linzhi Area, known as the “Jiangnan” of Tibet. At the intersection of the Purlung Tsangpo and Yigung Tsangpo rivers, Bome lies in the neighbouring area between the Himalaya and Nyenchen Tanglha mountain range of east Tibet. Also known as the “Switzerland of Tibet,” Bome is a paradise with the weather being warm in the winter and cool in summer. The area features snow-capped mountain ranges, primeval forests, stunning rivers, holy lakes, and splendid glaciers. This incredibly picturesque location is beautiful in all seasons. Because of the mild climate and abundant water, the region is the main source of food and vegetable production in Tibet.

The hotel was built to be in harmony with its surroundings, and the design of the building complex resembles a small village that is integrated into the mountain forest. All the rooms display a unique combination of modern and traditional Tibetan aesthetics and have wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. They are elegantly decorated with wooden floors, handmade wooden furniture, and handcrafted copperware, which create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

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