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Songtsam Laigu Lodge

Songtsam Laigu Lodge
Chamdo prefecture, Tibet, China

Facing Laigu glaciers and at the source of the Purlung Tsangpo River, Songtsam Laigu Lodge is located among snowy mountains, glaciers, and lakes beneath an enormous sky–truly a magical place that is out of this world. As Songtsam's highest property and the most challenging construction endeavor, Laigu Lodge was awarded Winner for Best Architectural Design/Heritage Architecture in the Architecture Master Prize of 2019.

The lodge contains 20 rooms: 16 deluxe rooms and 4 superior suites.

With prime consideration given to the preservation of natural and Tibetan cultural heritage, the building was designed to use modular prefabrication and to be embedded under a high cliff hidden from sight. The project maintains a very harmonious relationship with the texture of the original village.

L-R: Stewed yak ribs with yak soup and potatoes, butter ginseng jam with potatoes, walnut pie

Unforgettable mountain hiking and horseback trips are available, led by local guides, and filled with incredible views of the icy blue glaciers, snow-capped peaks, villages, and forests. When you reach the mountain's peak, savor the scene with a hot coffee and cake!

Available in the lobby bar and restaurant are exceptionally well prepared and healthy meals made of locally sourced food, such as yak meat from the alpine pastures, Tibetan pork raised by villagers, vegetables from Bomi, walnuts from Tacheng, and wine from Shangri La. All enjoyed while gazing out through the large picture windows at the surrounding mountain vistas.

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