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Songtsam Hotels Resorts Tours Opens a Youth Wildlife Photography Training Camp in Southeastern Tibet

The award-winning luxury hotel group, Songtsam Hotels Resorts Tours in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China announced the opening, this August (2021), of a Youth Wildlife Photography Training Camp in Southeastern Tibet. Songtsam and its partners will continue the 17-year-old Chinese Wildlife Photography Training Camp of Wild China, and combine the professionalism of Qixing Camp Education for youth nature education with photography to create a brand new, Youth Wildlife Photography Training Camp. In this training camp, young people will have the opportunity to follow the master photographers/nature teachers and learn about the wild animals and plants living in this area of Tibet where glaciers and forests are intertwined, and snow-capped mountains and meadows echo. This photography training camp will enable these young photographers to locate and photograph rare and beautiful species such as the brown-tailed rainbow pheasant, red goral, and the Tibetan Cypripedium. This unique photography camp will encourage them to discover the beauty and vitality of the world around them, not just through a lens, but in real life.

snub nosed monkeys

Golden snub-nosed monkey

After 20 years of growth and expansion, Songtsam now plans to establish four Nature Centers which will also play a major role in the Youth Wildlife Photography Training Camp program. One will be located in Jingdong and the others in Shangri-La, Bome, and Namcha Barwa. Most of the staff at Songtsam Lodge Bome and Songtsam Lodge Namcha Bawa are already very knowledgeable about local habitat, nature, and environment since most are from the surrounding villages. With Songtsam’s exquisite cuisine, comfortable rooms and warm hospitality, camp participants will have an opportunity to relax and recharge while they discover more of nature’s wonders. Songtsam’s Nature Centers “from rainforest to snow mountain” will provide a rare opportunity to be surrounded by natural wonders and be used as a gateway for more people to observe and understand nature firsthand.

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