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Radical Clay: Contemporary Women Artists from Japan Opens This Weekend at Art Institute Chicago


Tanaka Yu 田中悠. Bag Work (フクロモノ) (detail), 2018; Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz Collection of Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

Radical Clay: Contemporary Women Artists from Japan
December 16, 2023 – June 3, 2024
Members Exclusive Lecture: Saturday, Dec 16, 2-3pm (registration required)

Since World War II, women have made influential contributions to the ceramics field in Japan that have not been adequately recognized. This exhibition focuses on the explosion of innovative and technically ambitious compositions by such artists since 1970—a body of work which they developed in parallel with, but often separately from, traditional, male-dominated Japanese practice and its countermovements.

Radical Clay: Contemporary Women Artists from Japan celebrates 36 contemporary ceramic artists through 40 stunning, virtuosic pieces. By presenting both established and emerging artists with a range of styles together, this exhibit showcases their important collective achievements and impact.

All of the selected pieces are from the exemplary collection of Carol and Jeffrey Horvitz, who are thrilled to bring these artists to global attention. The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue with essays by Janice Katz, Joe Earle, and Hollis Goodall.

There will also be a Members exclusive in-person lecture held on the opening day from 2-3pm. Join Janice Katz, Roger L. Weston, Associate Curator of Japanese Art, for an in-depth discussion of this stunning show.

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