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A Guide to All the March Art Fairs

A whiff of spring is in the air, though for many of us, the temperature outside still makes indoor activities more palatable. The February art fairs have mostly come and gone—thankfully the calendar of March art fairs in 2024, if not quite as robust, has a lot to offer. Art fair insiders will no doubt spend the first few days of the month in sunny L.A., drawn to the west coast by Frieze and then charmed by the smaller fairs like Felix and SPRING/BREAK. From there, they might jet off to London for the Affordable Art Fair and The Other Art fair—or to New York City for the springtime edition of Asia Week New York. But those suffering from yet another bout of fair fatigue will probably hunker down for most of March until Art Basel returns to Hong Kong in the month’s latter days, when warmer winds herald spring’s actual arrival. Here’s what you need to know to put together your own art fair calendar.