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Panta Rhei: Everything Flows
Works by Five Artists on Japanese Washi Paper

Yasue Maetake b. 1973, Printed Oxidation On Fiber Relief Xiii, 2018-2022, Verdigris on Boiled and Beaten Kozo, Gampi, Cotton Linter, H49 1/2 x W53 x D2 in
H125.7 x W134.6 x D5.1 cm, A25443, Copyright The Artist

April 27 – May 17, 2023

Ippodo Gallery presents selected washi artworks by five Japanese artists working with traditional paper in diverse modes. The exhibition unveils new perspectives in Japanese paper, transforming the medium into voluminous crafted planes. Washi is a medium in flux, intertwined with Japanese cultural memory and each artist’s sensibility.

Don’t miss the Artist Talk with Mami Kato and Yasue Maetake:  April 27, 5:00-6:00pm, followed by the Opening Reception, 6:00-8:00 pm

Washi (fibers of gampi, mulberry kozo and mitsumata, andthe hemp mashi, among many others) is treasured for its longevity, as the extraordinarily long, thin fibers—which are both durable and flexible—are slow to degrade. Japan’s paper tradition has maintained a broad and profound influence on art, culture, life, and architecture for a millennium.These five artists, working with the flat material in both two- and three-dimensions, demonstrate the beauty and tenaciousness of Japanese paper as a form of artistic expression.