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Objects of Affection at Dai Ichi Arts Closes Soon

Hayashi Shotaro 林正太郎 (born 1947), Whirlpool Oribe Long Platter, stoneware, H.5.5 x W. 25.5 x
Dia. 14 in. (13.9 x 64.7 x 35.5 cm.), with signed wood box

Objects of Affection, Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.
February Group Show
Concludes February 28, 2023

From small sake cups that rest tenderly in one’s hands to recent masterpieces by potters, Dai Ichi Arts presents a group of delightful objects to accompany you this February. The gallery is excited to exhibit a group show, showcasing the works of Shingu Sayaka, Inayoshi Osamu, Takada Naoki, Hayashi Shotaro, Kitamura Junko, and more.