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NMAA presents Journey to Korea’s Ancient Silla Kingdom

Journey to Korea’s Ancient Silla Kingdom,
National Museum of Asian Art

Live online lecture, October 5, 7pm

What can we learn by visiting the sites of ancient civilizations? Is it possible to recreate the architecture of the past today? Reflect on these questions as you travel to Korea in this online program inspired by the current exhibition Once Upon a Roof: Vanished Korean Architecture. The journey takes you from the galleries of the National Museum of Asian Art to the ancient city of Gyeongju in southeastern Korea. Once the capital of the ancient Silla kingdom that lasted one thousand years (57 BCE–935 CE), the city is a well-known tourist destination rich with history and culture. Yoon Sangdeok, an expert in art and archaeology, leads this tour through temples and royal tombs that have endured to this day and through treasures discovered in and around the city in order to understand the surviving legacy of the ancient kingdom. She is joined by curator Keith Wilson and Sunwoo Hwang. Visit the royal garden built for crown princes of the Silla kingdom, where more than thirty-three thousand artifacts were unearthed in 1975, including the ornamented roof tiles featured in the exhibition Once Upon a Roof, currently on view at the museum. This tour will give you a chance to imagine the ancient city as it was more than one thousand years ago.

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