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NMAA Hosts The Sasanians in Context Symposium

Plate, Iran, Sasanian period, 5th–7th century, silver and gilt, Purchase—Charles Lang Freer Endowment, Freer Gallery of Art, F1964.10

The Sasanians in Context: Art, History, and Archaeology
National Museum of Asian Art
Online and in-person symposium, October 21-22, 10am-5pm

Between the third and seventh centuries CE, the Sasanian Empire became one of the most dominant powers in the ancient world, extending geographically from Western to Central Asia. From monumental buildings and impressive rock reliefs to elaborately designed metal vessels and finely carved seals, these structures and objects provide a glimpse into the empire’s artistic diversity and its rich material culture. Recent scholarship has further expanded our knowledge of the Sasanian empire and has confirmed its enduring legacy beyond its geographic borders, long after the Arab conquest in the seventh century.

The Sasanians in Context: Art, History, and Archaeology gathers some of the most renowned national and international scholars to share their recent work on the Sasanians and their lasting artistic and historical contributions.

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