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New Wellness Program at Songtsam Hotels, Resorts & Tours

Asia Week New York sponsor, the luxury group, Songtsam Hotels Resorts & Tours, is launching a new wellness program at Songtsam Linka Retreat Lijiang, located in Yunnan Province in China, on April 24th.  This personalized and customized journey will allow each guest to experience the wisdom of rest in several different ways, such as a visual feast, musical note vibration, food tasting and physical and mental meditation.

In the early morning, ancient Tibetan meditation is used to start the day. After breakfast, guests may choose either to set off from Ciman Ancient Village to explore the rural scenery of a farm or they can open up the scrolls, burn incense and copy the scriptures, so that all their restlessness is immersed in the concentration of a single brushstroke.

At noon, the chef's food, made with the unique flavors of the fruits and vegetables of Lijiang, is a feast for taste buds.  Guests can sample the delicious ingredients at the local farmer's market and enjoy their rich taste. 


In the afternoon guests can experience a session with a professional yoga teacher and improve their physical and mental energy or go to Dayan Ancient City to see the most traditional thangka paintings and absorb their spirituality.  Afterward, they are invited to enjoy the soothing Chennai massage, which is derived from the Nepalese Ku Nye technique.  More meditational experiences can be booked on-site in the store.  Each guest will be accompanied and guided throughout their stay by a team with many years of meditation experience.   They may also book the Songtsam body and mind rejuvenation program for one day.  Using various techniques and signature spa treatments, such as Hydrotherapy, Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, Ku Nye Massage, the program offers a unique Tibetan experience of wellbeing.

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