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New Shows at New York Museums

Ali Banisadr, We Haven't Landed on Earth Yet, 2012. Oil on linen. H. 82 x W. 120 in. (208.3 x 304.8 cm). Mohammed Afkhami Foundation. Photograph courtesy of Mohammed Afkhami Foundation

Asia Society

Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians — The Mohammed Afkhami Collection
September 10th, 2021 – May 8th, 2022
Admission is by timed ticketing only

Asia Society Museum presents Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians—The Mohammed Afkhami Collection, an exhibition of works by more than 20 Iranian-born artists and one German-born artist, reflecting a dynamic and thriving contemporary arts scene. The exhibition, illuminating the multifaceted experiences and identities of artists spanning three generations who are working inside and outside of Iran, probes subjects such as gender identity, war and peace, politics and religion, and spirituality.
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Korea Society

Interlacement: a Group Exhibition
September 30, 2021 – January 28, 2022
Open by appointment only

Sui Park Flow
Sui Park, Flow, 2015-2021, Courtesy of Korea Society

In this group exhibition, three artists challenge and redefine the conventional idea of fiber and textile art by employing already-established techniques of weaving, embroidery, and assemblage with new materials and creating and inventing new forms. Featuring the work of Woomin Kim, Sui Park, and Jayoung Yoon.

Woomin Kim examines the active materiality of daily objects and urban landscapes through her textile and sculptural projects. Sui Park’s 3-dimensional organic forms are composed of industrial materials that resemble transitions and transformations in nature; they capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories, and expectations. Jayoung Yoon weaves strands of her own hair into forms to create intricate sculptures that resemble fine nets or webs, giving her works a delicate transparency and evoking a feeling of intimacy and envelopment.

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the gallery is open only by appointment. For more information, please click here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Companions in Solitude: Reclusion and Communion in Chinese Art
July 31, 2021 – August 14, 2022
Rotation one: July 31, 2021-January 9, 2022
Rotation two: January 30, 2021-August 14, 2022

Summer retreat in the eastern grove
Summer retreat in the eastern grove, calligraphy datable to 1512, Wen Zhengming (1470-1559), handscroll, ink on paper, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This exhibition will explore the twin themes of solitude and togetherness in Chinese art. For more than two thousand years, reclusion—removing oneself from society—has been presented as the ideal condition for mental cultivation and transcending worldly troubles. At the same time, communion with like-minded people has been celebrated as essential to the human experience. This choice, to be alone or to be together, has been central to the lives of thinkers and artists, and Chinese art abounds with images of figures who pursued both paths—as well as those who wove them together in complex and surprising ways. Companions in Solitude, presented in two rotations, will bring together more than 120 works of painting, calligraphy, and decorative arts that illuminate this choice—depictions of why and how people have sought space from the world or attempted to bridge the divide between themselves and others. In the wake of 2020, a year that has isolated us physically but connected us virtually in unprecedented ways, this exploration of premodern Chinese reclusion and communion will invite meditation on the fracture and facture of human connection in our own time.
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Tibet House US

Transforming Minds: Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche and Friends
Photographs by Allen Ginsberg 1989–1997
September 21, 2021 – December 12, 2021
Free with reservation of timed ticket

Photograph courtesy of Tibet House US

Tibet House US is delighted to partner with The Allen Ginsberg Estate and Jewel Heart International on an exhibition of unique images by the celebrated visionary and poet Allen Ginsberg. This extraordinary selection of images focuses on Allen’s Tibetan Buddhist teacher and friend, the renowned Tibetan Buddhist master, Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche (1938-2017), and his friends and students.
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