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New exhibition at Joan B Mirviss LTD

Tsukamoto Kaiji (1912-1990), Lotus-form bowl

On view now in the gallery and online at Joan B Mirviss LTD:

Warm to the Touch: Cool and Refreshing Celadon

Highly prized across Asia for centuries, celadon finds inventive new expression in recent ceramics by leading Japanese artists. This summer, the captivating qualities of celadon are showcased in a range of forms and styles by a dozen modern and contemporary Japanese ceramic artists from different backgrounds and traditions. Often synonymous with a very distinctive and pristine bluish-green color, “celadon” encompasses many different tonalities and textures that challenge our expectations. From exquisite vessels to daring sculptures, works in this exhibition play with celadon’s categorical boundaries and even reconsiders its very definition.

Paired with this intriguing celadon showcase is a suite of never-before-seen paintings by MINOL ARAKI (1928-2010). An industrial designer and ink painter, Araki was a fascinating hybrid figure who bridged many worlds. As a Japanese artist born in northeast China, he was influenced by traditional Chinese painting—from Bada Shanren (ca. 1626-1705) to Zhang Daqian (1899-1983)—and by the Japanese painting movements of his time and even later, by contemporary American art. Araki’s paintings reflect his sensitivity to color and light and make a perfect complement to the landscape of celadon in this show.

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