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New Arrivals at Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

Shimaoka Tatsuz┼Ź, (1919-2007), Living National Treasure, H9″ x Dia 8.5″ x Lip 5″ (H22.8 x Dia 21.5 x Lip Dia 12.7cm), Glazed stoneware with signed wood box, Ash Glazed Jar With Carved Design, Courtesy of Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

Shown above is one of the new arrivals at Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd. An original early creation of Shimaoka Tatsizo, LNT (1919-2007), this wheel thrown jar showcases a rich green ash glaze. The three waved pattern carved underneath the glaze adds to the dynamic character of the jar. A student of Hamada Shoji, Shimaoka Tatsuzo is nominated as Living National Treasure as well for his contribution to the Mingei movement in Mashiko ceramics.

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